Predictive Analytics on a Massive Scale

Intelligent Predictive Analytics Solutions & Massive Data Analytics

In today’s data-driven economy, companies that integrate vast stores of data with the power of high-performance predictive analytics solutions are the clear winners.

Grow Revenue While Reducing Risk

Locate the most profitable opportunities for revenue growth with automated data analysis and minimize risk by identifying areas of weakness.

Optimize Resources and Strategies

With predictive analytics solutions from Modern Analytics, your team will be able to guide your business’ resources and strategies in the most cost effective ways.

Empower Your Business Users

Model Factory’s automated low-cost solutions enable businesses to find the best answers by asking hundreds of more questions than in traditional analytics.

Predict the Future, Intelligently

Introducing Model Factory®

The world’s first fully automated massive data analytics solution that enables you to optimize your strategies and tactics is backed by industrial-strength data analysis and the highest performing mathematical science.

Revenue Generation

Once fully implemented, Model Factory will allow your business users to find the most lucrative opportunities in less time. Whether it involves optimizing or expanding your business’ channels for growth, Model Factory will provide the direction needed for significant revenue gains.

Faster Time to Insight

Take the fast track to growth and improvement: fully implement Model Factory in 30 days, shaving months and years off typical massive data analysis approaches. Make the leap from answers to tactical implementation in hours and days, not weeks and months.

Spend Less

Unconstrained by scarce and expensive people resources, Model Factory can produce hundreds of predictions to find the best possible answers. Our predictive analytics solutions are maintained and updated automatically to adjust to your changing business needs.

Amplify Your Resources

Using Model Factory to guide your financial planning will give your company the edge in allocating your resources and spending your dollars efficiently. Leading business operations using right-time data will take the guesswork out of decision-making and allow your team to concentrate on further development.

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