Our Approach

Modern Analytics is an industry leader and pioneer at quickly providing solutions using groundbreaking data processing automation, advanced forecasting, and predictive modeling. These solutions offer our clients numerous opportunities for increasing productivity and growth overall.

Our customizable modeling design allows you to find answers for your organization quicker, more accurately, and with less reliance on expensive human resources than any other predictive analytics company in the world.

Our proven solutions ensure that you are not only driving in the right direction but also looking at every opportunity to improve your data, predictive models, business processes and the speed at which your organization can adopt the new scale.

Think of it as your data scientist in a box.

Business Optimization

We solve critical problems by optimizing business processes to increase revenues and improve margins.

  • Drive your team to the most lucrative opportunities
  • Optimize your processes and channels efficiently, reducing your risk
  • Maximize your resource capacity across all operations of your company
  • Use forecasts to predict revenue and optimize staffing needs throughout the year
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Model Factory: Data Assembly and Automation

Our predictive data modeling software platform, Model Factory, uses unique algorithms and business processes to assemble and analyze raw data quickly and without human intervention.

  • Aggregate and analyze massive amounts of data from disparate sources
  • Simultaneously run thousands of models to reveal every insight
  • Discover the optimal prescriptive solution to your problem
  • Outperform any human-based analysis team in speed, quantity, and quality
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Custom Solutions

Your challenges and data are unique. A one-size-fits-all, pre-packaged software solution will not fit your business. We provide hands-on custom analytics solutions for every client.

  • Our team of experts tailors our technology to handle data in any form
  • Model Factory analyzes the data and creates accurate predictions for all industry
  • Based on these predictions, Modern Analytics identifies optimal prescriptive solutions
  • The process is entirely hands-off with no wasted human resources
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More About Us

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