Analytics on a Global Scale:

A Look into one of the Largest Corporation’s Big Data Solutions

IBM-article-image-sq3Model Factory™ delivers predictive analytics, tailored communications, and enhanced profitability servicing this multi-national conglomerate.

The Challenge

Executives at the global level needed more analytics to manage budgets, assess accounts and provide value-added solutions to customers throughout the world. With traditional methods, the global provider of software and services employed 35 statisticians to generate 150 predictive models each year. Those traditional methods could never deliver the detailed predictive analytics nor respond to the pace of change that today’s marketplace required.

A Model Solution

Model Factory provided a fully automated process of creating predictive models, asking questions, and incorporating the answers into production. In the first year we more than doubled the number of models from 150 to 350.

Today the Modern Analytics solution delivers more than 4,800 individual predictions that produce 11 billion scores monthly.

Machine learning and automated governance underpin tournament-style predictive analytics and draw from 5 trillion pieces of information.

And the Results

Prescriptive data analysis has enhanced the customer experience. Global sales executives can target the high-value customers with personalized communications and custom recommendations. The streamlined analytical process has eliminated time-consuming manual intervention and reduced staffing requirements to 2.5 FTEs.