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Marketing Optimization: Drive the Velocity of Sales

Most predictive analytics solutions, regardless of packaging, are handcrafted, costly and time-consuming to build, and cannot scale without expensive people resources. The Modern Analytics approach is fundamentally different, based on machine learning technology for true scale. Modern Analytics uses machine learning and tournament-style analytics to exhaustively search all data and variables, regardless of the volumes, and deploy client-specific techniques with its proprietary software, Model Factory®. It is the ultimate tool needed to implement affordable, sustainable and easy-to-use analytical solutions.

Modern Analytics Presents Model Factory™

Model Factory is a revolutionary optimization platform that offers the functionality and flexibility to tailor your analytics to precisely answer your most pressing business questions. You’re not constrained by an off- the-shelf, one-size-fits-all analytics tool. With Model Factory you can design and deploy analytics that meet your particular needs.

Model Factory Features and Specifications

The objective of the specification sheet is to highlight ModelFactory™ features for creating logistic, ordinary least squares, 2-stage Heckman regressions, Simple/Generalized Naïve Bayesian classifiers, neural networks, fuzzy regressions and other inference engines based models for business process optimizations.

Analytics on a Global Scale: A Look into One of the Largest Corporation’s Big Data Solutions

Model Factory delivers predictive analytics, tailored communications, and enhanced profitability servicing this multi-national conglomerate. Executives at the global level needed more analytics to manage budgets, assess accounts and provide value-added solutions to customers throughout the world. With traditional methods, the global provider of software and services employed 35 statisticians to generate 150 predictive models each year. Those traditional methods could never deliver the detailed predictive analytics nor respond to the pace of change that today’s marketplace required.

Modern Analytics Featured in the Harvard Business Review: “Big Data at Work”

Modern Analytics was featured in the Harvard Business Review's December 2013 edition in an article by Thomas H. Davenport entitled "Big Data at Work: Dispelling the Myths, Uncovering the Opportunities." In the article, Davenport discusses Analytics 3.0, a new wave of business analytics that enables companies to apply data science to optimize their operations, products, and services at levels previously unforeseen. He introduces emerging technologies and what they mean for the changing analytics landscape. Davenport discusses how Modern Analytics uses Model Factory, data assembly, automation, and analytics to change the way enterprises interact with and use data science.