How We Optimize Your Business

We help you predict the future and prescribe actions to better optimize your resources deployed against specific strategies and tactics.
Our sole focus is on helping our customers and their employees meet their specific goals by giving them a common platform where they can ask questions, get predictive answers, and formulate optimized go-to-market strategies for every facet of the organization.

All of this is backed by the highest-calibre, most exhaustive mathematical analytics in the world.


Take the guesswork out of decision-making

Modern Factory gives your team the answers to a variety of operational and tactical business problems your company may face. We help guide your business’ decisions using only statistically supported solutions.

Backed by high-performance analytics, the answers to your questions are data proven and mathematically derived.

Our analytical platform is fully customizable, allowing you to focus on the questions most critical to your organization.

Your company’s decisions are fully monitored and maintained to ensure success in a continually changing marketplace.


Identify and reduce your risk – ahead of the curve

Take concrete, proactive steps to prevent loss by reducing your risk.

Our systems automatically monitor all of the key data points across your enterprise that affect your business.

With this data we predict the combinations of actions today that will help reduce your risk tomorrow.

You can use this knowledge to formulate new strategies for the future and quickly shift current tactics to be more effective today.


Accelerate your growth with the best customers

You can transform your resources into an optimized, coordinated machine that focuses on securing and keeping the best long-term and profitable customers for your business by precisely answering the critical questions:

Who will buy and what are they most likely to buy?

When will they make a decision?

Where are they in the business? How much they can actually or potentially spend?


Enhance your marketing campaigns with predictive models

Applying our advanced data analytics to your existing campaigns is the best way to evaluate your current performance while guiding your marketing strategy for your future customer base.

After incorporating your marketing data, Modern Analytics will help you define the campaigns most likely to succeed for each individual customer.

This allows you to tailor your strategy and tactics at the most discrete level.


Conduct multi-channel, individualized programs

Identify your customer’s leading prospects and key sales patterns with Model Factory to drive your marketing campaigns by targeting each customer individually.

Our analysis, applied at each stage of your sales pipeline, allows you to pinpoint the customer leads most likely to contribute towards you final sales goal.

Use this forecast to perfect your targeted messaging and achieve the desired customer response.

Figure out what to talk to people next about: leverage your CRM and sales enablement tools to better nurture your prospect.


Maximize resource capability with capability forecasts across all facets of business

Model Factory can also be used as an advanced forecasting engine to deliver top-line or product-level forecasts across your organization.

Use these forecasts to validate trends or provide accurate budgeting numbers.

These forecasts show you where to effectively allocate resources, eliminating risk of under or over allocation.


Optimize work force staffing throughout the year

Make work force staffing forecasts on a frequent, seasonal basis with the speed and flexibility of Model Factory.

Based on your company’s needs, our predictions can provide weekly, monthly or quarterly plans.

With these plans you will efficiently manage your human resources at all levels of your organization.

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