Based in San Diego, Modern Analytics is an industry leader providing automated solutions to help customers optimize their business processes, build industrial strength, high-quality data assets and focus resources to drive marketing, sales and forecasting.

With over 150 clients served, our expertise extends across and beyond retail, high-tech, banking and service industries. We have enabled clients to manage risk, forecast product demand, discover new customers, prevent customer attrition, cross-sell and up-sell new products, identify fraudulent charges, isolate fraud in returns, prioritize workloads, dynamically model their sales pipelines and most importantly, increase revenues and margins.

The Landscape

Data 3.0

In this new data economy 3.0, entire business ecosystems can crop up or disappear almost overnight. Companies that quickly learn to harness the value in their data will be the clear winners. Financial success requires companies to optimize their business processes by making data analysis operational at scale and to embrace the use of machine learning and automation for predictive analytics.

Gone are the days when you can rely on traditional means for finding predictive answers to questions – answers that optimize and drive strategy, tactics, revenue and operations across all facets of your organization. Deployment of only a few models cannot support the fast paced requirements of sales and marketing, where literally thousands of iterative questions and what-if scenarios must be answered to optimize strategies and resources. Many traditional solutions that claim to use automation are people-based. In a data economy where Big Data is becoming the norm, people-based solutions, however well crafted, simply cannot scale to meet the new demand for analytics. The price point is simply too high, timeframes too long, and the resources too scarce.

Massive Scale Analytics

Today, massive scale in predictive analytics is required –your people need the means to get accurate, highly predictive and prescriptive answers to thousands of questions so they can drive the business forward.

Predictive analytics solutions need to adapt to an unprecedented scale and speed – and must be at a totally new price point. The volume is two to three orders of magnitude greater and speed is measured in seconds, hours and days instead of weeks and months. It’s a new world.

Unprecedented Technology

In 2010, after 7 years of development, Modern Analytics launched the world’s only fully automated Model Factory, a platform that allows organizations to totally rethink how they can optimize their strategies and resource and use predictive analytics to drive the business forward across all teams within the enterprise. Model Factory works with data at a scale unavailable anywhere else at any cost: we have truly automated the entire process, from assembling data to using machine learning for exhaustive search and tournament-style modeling in which all techniques and data are used to direct actual output in your operational systems. It is all fingerprint-free, offering unparalleled governance and quality without ever losing the invaluable memory of your corporation as people come and go and data changes.

Perhaps the most important benefit is Model Factory’s cross-company range capabilities that everyone in the organization can utilize. The common software platform and analytic layer allows for consistent and accurate applications in every branch of your company.