Information Technology – Global Networking Software and Hardware

Case Study

Market Situation

The technology and requirements change so rapidly in the network space that customers are constantly looking at new offerings when products and services are introduced, “sun setted” and extended. Competition is fierce. In this environment the efficiency, coordination and optimization of marketing and sales is a critical component for success in selling to and maintaining profitable customers.

  • The company is a global leader in the white-hot space of building world-class networks.
  • They have focused their demand generation marketing and sales resources across the global marketplace.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of scarce resources using competitive analytics to provide a sustained advantage.
  • Integrate the new analytic platform with existing Salesforce and Eloqua solutions to support their entire sales and marketing teams.

The company decided to deploy, right from the outset, a fully automated and scalable modeling strategy to ensure that they could adjust their marketing tactics favorably in support of rapidly changing customer bases and sales needs:

  • To uncover any data issues within the current systems and develop a comprehensive data and analytic roadmap going forward, the Model Factory installation was mapped out to be completed in just a 30-day period. This would shave years off traditional tactics and in turn jumpstart the companies analytic approach to finding solutions.
  • Cross and upsell initiatives were to be implemented to address the growing granular needs within the customer base.
  • Continual maintenance of the models along with a re-evaluation of marketing tactics were to be addressed each sales cycle to evaluate the companies progress.


A real life hypothesis test was staged to test out the effectiveness of our implementation. Model Factory’s advanced model and ranked score list outperformed existing business processes by 5 to 1.