Healthcare – Veterinary Services

Case Study

Market Situation

The veterinary industry is in the process of consolidation which requires new ways of thinking about optimizing business processes, especially around revenue generation and customer marketing with a concentration on how to maximize lifetime value. With competition rapidly increasing as “superstores” have begun to compete directly with other providers, the ability to predict and proactively market services, upgrades and products is essential to top-line, profitable growth.

  • Client owns and manages a national network of veterinary hospitals and healthcare practices. It markets its services to owners of pets.
  • Clients include both regular patrons and casual walk-in customers.
  • Infrastructure includes specialized hospital facilities, skilled doctors, medical staff and pharmacists.
  • Focus marketing activities.
  • Increase revenues by targeting new and existing customers with specific products, services and promotions for specific breeds, types and ages of pets.

Introduce third-party data to the client’s extensive customer loyalty database to improve the opportunities for further, more detailed marketing segmentation.


We designed, established and automated the data marts required to create a direct mail channel. Models were produced and scored allowing for an assessment of an individual customers’ propensity to purchase a specific set of products and services.

We created a closed-loop marketing environment that automated both customized reporting and automated scorecard/dashboard for comparing and selecting levels of investment in marketing promotions against channels and likely revenues and profits. As a result, both marketing ROI and Return on Customer became clearly identifiable.

Regular re-scoring of propensity models based on product and market penetration continues to reveal significant, actionable profit opportunities.

Over several years the client added in excess of 20% top line revenue growth.