Marketing Optimization

Optimization to Drive the Velocity of Sales

MF-Graph-IconMost predictive analytics solutions, regardless of packaging, are handcrafted, costly and time-consuming to build, and cannot scale without expensive people resources. The approach most companies and suppliers use is to create a single model for each application (acquisition or cross-sell, for example) and for each major category of product. In many cases, that single model is reactive, not predictive, and is refreshed infrequently, annually or (at best) quarterly.

The Modern Analytics approach is fundamentally different, based on machine learning technology for true scale. We believe, and the mathematics prove it, that to truly optimize the your sales and marketing processes you need to build a specific model for every product, for every product SKU (or variation), for every company and, over time, for every executive. And you need to rebuild (not simply refresh) frequently – daily, weekly or at most monthly – from scratch every time so any new variables, positive or negative, carry across all models.

To tackle this level of specificity and to target at such a granular level would be exorbitantly expensive using traditional analytics processes. Modern Analytics, on the other hand, uses machine learning and tournament-style analytics to exhaustively search all data and variables, regardless of the volumes, and deploy client-specific techniques with its proprietary software, Model Factory®. Model Factory is a fully automated predictive analytic platform that provides the unprecedented ability to tailor efforts and to scale programs automatically.

Model Factory is the ultimate tool needed to implement affordable, sustainable and easy-to-use analytical solutions.

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