Matthias Kehder

Chief Executive Officer

With more than 20 years of statistical modeling, machine learning and Big Data experience across many industries, Matthias provides the “big-picture” vision for Modern Analytics as well as a hands-on involvement in the delivery of complex projects.

Prior to Modern Analytics, Matthias helped clients of Genalytics, Tessera Enterprise Systems and Epsilon achieve their analytical vision. He draws on management experience that includes small statistical departments and large software development teams and technical experience in applied statistics, machine learning, data aggregation/manipulation and process automation. As an entrepreneur, he has helped to build and run a number of companies.

Matthias designed and developed Modern Analytics’ flagship software platform, Model Factory, which uses disruptive technology to exploit Big Data. Model Factory automates predictive modeling and forecasting.

Matthias has applied various statistical methods – regressions, clustering, neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, tree-based methods, and time series analysis – to real-world business problems to enhance clients’ ROI. That broad experience and deep knowledge of applied statistics and their business applications, is embodied in Modern Analytics offerings to help clients streamline and optimize their business processes.

He holds U.S. patents in the machine learning realm of applied statistics. He shares his knowledge and experience as a faculty member of International Institute of Analytics (IIA).

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Christopher Geiger

Business Development

Focusing on business development and growth for Modern Analytics, Christopher Geiger brings more than 25 years of experience with leading technology solutions and marketing systems companies. His experience in translating highly complex solutions to meet the business demands of clients across all industry categories has benefited many of the world’s leading companies, enabling them to address the challenges in customer relationships, information and technology strategy, data warehouses and advanced analytic systems and solutions.

Chris’s career includes 17 years with Epsilon, three years as SVP with its High Performance Computing Group, the fastest growing business unit in the company’s history. He co-founded Tessera Enterprise Systems, a leading solutions integration firm that focused on helping companies to create, build, manage and deploy customer marketing and analytic infrastructure. Chris also served as Tessera’s SVP of Business Development.

When he turns his focus from business development at Modern Analytics, Chris spends his time on his farm, where he creates outstanding meals for his friends and collects contemporary art.

Chris earned a B.S.F.S degree in International Relations from The School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and attended Harvard University’s PMD Executive Education Program.

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Peter Hodsdon

Director of Project Management

Peter leads the project management team at Modern Analytics and aids in the development of best practices for the delivery of predictive statistical models for premier customers.

Helping others is a central factor in Peter’s life – he does volunteer work for his church and in a local state prison, and frequently swaps seats on airplanes to let families sit together. Peter has a B.S. in Mathematics from Santa Clara University and a Master’s in Sociology/Demography from University of Washington, as well as certifications as an Agile Certified Practitioner and Project Management Professional

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