Modern Analytics Joins Marketo LaunchPoint Partners Program

Marketo LaunchPointModern Analytics is delighted to join the ranks of Marketo’s LaunchPoint Partners. This innovative partners program offers clients access to more than 100 applications and solutions providers of marketing services and programs.

Whatever the need – targeted messaging to client executives, improved analytics processes, cost-effective model development, enhanced business affiliations and partnerships, continually refined modeling, or insights about the business landscape – Modern Analytics’ analytical expertise extends and deepens Marketo’s marketing services.

The Modern Analytics approach is based on machine learning technology for true scale. To truly optimize your sales and marketing processes you need a specific model for every product, for every product SKU (or variation), for every company and, over time, for every executive. And you need to rebuild (not simply refresh) frequently – daily, weekly or at most monthly – from scratch every time so any new variables, positive or negative, carry across all models.

To tackle this level of specificity and to target at such a granular level would be exorbitantly expensive using traditional analytics processes. In fact, the level of personalized targeting is simply impossible, even if a client was willing to invest in the number of modeling experts required for such an effort.

Modern Analytics’ data assembly line and Model Factory® allow organizations to implement affordable, sustainable and easy-to-use analytical solutions. Modern Analytics’ analytical solutions integrate data from a variety of sources across the organization and provide a self-service analytical engine that delivers predictive models, forecasting, and reporting on demand. Decision makers spend less time doing tedious data integration work, and more time driving strategic decisions and deriving quantitative value from your organization’s data – data driven decisions on demand.

Modern Analytics’ data assembly line and Model Factory™ can be customized to fit current and future analytical business needs.

What is that value of this approach?

  • Increased velocity of the marketing engine to drive sales revenue
  • Optimized, individualized messaging based on mathematical formulas
  • Leadership as an eNurture marketer
  • The detailed parsing of your messaging into highly specific offerings for every product and product category
  • The confidence that these offerings that will advance the prospect or customer in the sales funnel
  • Increased efficiency with the ability to create or refresh models with greater frequency and less intervention from expensive modeling experts

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