Automated predictive scoring models improve lead scoring
Lead scoring models

Cutting-Edge Automation for Improved Lead Scoring

Our automated predictive scoring models offer sales and marketing teams unprecedented lead scoring capabilities

Predictive Scoring Models

Modern Analytics specializes in using automation to produce predictive scoring models that help drive sales and marketing leads with more accurate lead scoring.

In today’s data-driven economy, most businesses understand that they need to empower their sales and marketing teams with effective lead scoring in order to more efficiently transform data into productive results.

Sales and marketing lead scoring is, at the most basic level, a way to rank customers and prospects by the likelihood of them doing something – buying a product, attending a webinar, reading a white paper, moving to a competitor. This likelihood score is based on historical data, internal and external, which tracks what customers and prospects have done in the past.

Typically these lead scoring ranks are expressed as probabilities where the output is a scored list, which can then be used to drive sales and marketing campaigns. The business case is to improve the productivity and effectiveness of resources applied.

However, deploying fully automated, autonomous predictive analytics is a much better means to improve one’s ability to predict what customers and prospects are most likely to do in the future.

Automated Predictive Lead Scoring Models

At Modern Analytics we use predictive scoring models to exhaustively analyze every data element for every customer and prospect, for every product and service, for as many segments as can be supported in order to find the best possible outcomes. Our automated Model Factory produces literally thousands of predictive scoring models versus the one-size-fits-all approach.

The outcomes are scored lead lists that are much more granular, all based on statistical probabilities that enable a company to truly target scarce resources at the highest likelihood opportunities, regardless of application.

Not only does full automation enable a company to get to market faster, but it also allows them to react to changes at a much faster pace than typical approaches that require human intervention at every stage of the process.

The net results of automated lead scoring models are better predictions at a significantly faster pace. This enables more effective resource allocations to drive results at a much lower cost than more traditional means.

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Predict the Future, Intelligently

Our predictive analytics tool is the world’s first fully automated data analysis platform that enables you to optimize your strategies using industrial-strength predictive scoring models and the highest performing mathematical science.

Revenue Generation

  • Find the most lucrative opportunities in less time
  • Optimize and expand channels for growth
  • Our predictive lead scoring provides direction for significant revenue gains

Faster Time to Insight

  • Leave typical data analysis approaches in the dust
  • Fully implement predictive scoring models within 30 days
  • Leap from answers to tactical implementation in hours and days, not weeks and months

Spend Less

  • Automate; don’t rely on expensive people resources
  • Produce hundreds of predictions to find the best lead scoring opportunities
  • Our modeling tools update automatically to adjust to your changing business needs

Amplify Your Resources

  • Gain an edge in allocating resources efficiently
  • Use right-time data to take guesswork out of decision-making
  • Allow your team to concentrate on converting leads, not number-crunching

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