Business Solutions

Modern Analytics specializes in finding the best business solutions for your company using advanced analytics. Our analytical platform, Model Factory, has solved problems and guided companies in a variety of industries for over 10 years. We have continually provided insights to companies seeking solutions in all facets of their organization.

Below you can find some examples of the types of problems we have solved and in the case studies section we show you how our real world clients have enjoyed improved operating margins, revenue growth, and optimized core business processes using our progressive analytical platform.

Business Optimization

Business optimization is at the core of Modern Analytics’ mission in providing companies with data proven solutions to help guide their enterprise. The types of questions we have answered have spanned intra-organizationally, meaning that virtually all of your business’ departments can reap significant benefits from leveraging your data. Here we list the problems that many of our clients have found answers to using analytics.

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Case Studies

In each of the following solutions our client achieved significant, sustainable advantages by using Model Factory’s unprecedented speed, quality, volume, time-to-market, and pricing structure. Spanning multiple industries and encountering a variety of problems, Model Factory remained at the pinnacle in finding the solutions these businesses needed.

Case Studies